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When an appliance breaks down, one of the toughest decisions is whether to call the repairman or buy a new one. Sure, newer appliances are more energy efficient than old ones, but at what point does that energy efficiency get outweighed by the tremendous amount of energy and resources required to recycle your old appliance and manufacture its replacement (which will also be recycled someday)?

It depends on which appliance we're talking about, and its age (see below).

Appliance Made after 2001 Made between 1993 and 2001 Made before 1993
Refrigerator Repair Probably Repair Replace
Dishwasher probably repair Repair Replace
Ranges & Ovens Repair Probably Repair Repair if parts avail.
Clothes Washer Repair Replace Replace
Clothes Dryer Repair Probably Repair Repair if parts avail.
Room Air Conditioner Repair Probably Repair Probably Replace